You can download the application on Google Play or the App Store. After registering, you can choose the topic that interests you, choose a psychologist, and consult

For now, consulting services are not available on the website, you must access them through the Android and iOS applications

You can consult anytime anywhere through our application. You can see the availability of each psychologist when choosing a psychologist. Available Psychologists can be seen from the button Consult Now

Meanwhile, Psychologists who are not available will have an explanation such as “Notify Me”; or "Busy".

On Select a Psychologist page, you can choose your own psychologist who will answer your questions.

You can see the cost and time of consultation on the pages of each psychologist.

Payment can be made via e-wallet, bank transfer, or credit card.

If you have completed the payment process but are unable to continue the consultation, you can send an email (along with supporting data) to info@psikologimu.co for refund 1 working day